Top Up Investment Balance, Increase Your Profit!

The lack of understanding is often the reason to be reluctant to invest. Not surprisingly, Indonesian people that have investing interest is still less than other countries., only 0.2% from 260 million Indonesians invest in the capital market. On the other hand, Malaysia has 12.8% and Singapore 30%.

Mostly, people think that investment has high risk and requires large capital. Whereas on the other hand, there are choices of alternative forms of investment with minimal risks and do not require large capital. Compared to other investment instruments, peer to peer lending is affordable, especially at CROWDO.

Interest Rate

When compared with gold, with a superior security side, peer to peer lending provides benefits in a shorter time. To get a profit of 16% for example, the duration for gold investment for two years.

Meanwhile, on peer-to-peer lending investments, the benefits obtained are much greater with a short time period. For example, you can get interest of 15% with 3 months tenor. Also, CROWDO provides various categories of interest for investments that are adjusted to the level of risk.

Here is an example of the profit process you get when you TOP UP on CROWDO:


0.5% Cashback Voucher
0.75% Cashback Voucher
1% Cashback Voucher

New client:

Register on May 3, 2018, be approved and top up on the same day
IDR 100,000,000.00
Reward / bonus: 0.5% x 100,000,000 =
Rp. 500,000.00

Existing client:
Top Up and Invest on May 7 2018:
IDR 1,000,000,000
Reward or bonus: 1% x 1,000,000,000 =
IDR 10,000,000

Easy to Invest

CROWDO opens investment opportunities with a minimum top-up of two million rupiahs. Through CROWDO account, you will have a balance that you can use to invest at anytime, anywhere. So, there is no need to make a payment every time you invest, just prepare the balance according to your ask. The bigger balance, the better profit you can get.

Now you want to invest but there is no balance in your account? No worries, our top up process is easy! Just follow our guide below and you can proceed to invest as soon as possible! Let's Top-Up your CROWDO balance, increase your profits!