3 Reasons Why You Must Activate Auto-Invest Feature

Our additional features provide additional convenience for you, called Auto-Invest feature. it will make easy your investment activity but, maybe you hesitate to enable this features. Here are three reasons why you must activate the Auto-Invest feature in your CROWDO account.

1. No loans missed

In digital era makes you often can not divide the time to control your investment. It can be complicated. In high-activity will difficult to looking back important detail that you investing.

Thus, it will good to make your investment work automatically. Why? It because not only to make your life easy but also make you more disciplined in investing. The system will run automatically to invest yours in setting that you have chosen. It helps you to not missed a lending proposal that suits your investment profile.

2. Invest in your preference

By enabling this feature, the system will automatically invest your balance on investments that fit the criteria. You can set the investment criteria to your preference.
Here are the criteria that you can set in Auto-Invest features:

  • Maximum Amount

Through the Auto-Invest feature, you can set the maximum value of the investment you want to automatically generate in the future. So, no worry your balance is drained out of control.

  • Percentage of Return

At CROWDO, every loan has different returns. Through this feature, you can determine to invest in a loan as your preference. For the example, you prefer investing less than two million rupiahs with an interest rate of 15% and loan tiers B and C. Then, the system will allocate your balance for new investments when an appropriate bid is available.

  • Loan Tiers

Through Auto Invest, you can choose the loan you want to fund based on loan tiers you like, from C to A+, with 13-26% effective per year returns. Despite on platform you can set tier D and E, CROWDO does not have this loan tier as a proof of commitment to providing the best investment options as well as investor protection.

  • Protection

The loan will secure with various types of guarantees, such as invoice guarantee, personal guarantees or corporate guarantees. Auto-Invest, you can also set guarantee criteria for loans that you want to install automatically.

3. #MakeLifeEasy

CROWDO understands that happy moment is too good to pass. So that, Auto-Invest feature will provide facility to make your life easy. You can enjoy the day by doing your activity and your investment will continue to grow automatically. No need to register or add additional terms.

Not only is it easy, the Auto-Invest feature has advantages that ensure that your balance will be automatically invested just for your preference. So, no worry about investment mistakes or investment type that you are not interested in.

Ready to enjoy your life with CROWDO's Auto-Invest feature?

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