Choose Loan Tiers that You Like and Make Auto Invest Feature Works for You #MakeLifeEasy

In every investment, it is strongly recommended to conduct asset diversification, either from the business type or the risk of the loan. As one of the newest investment-type products, peer to peer lending gives you the convenience to do diversification assets in one platform.

At CROWDO, there are many interesting loan options ready for you to fund. These loans have a different business, such as manpower, infrastructure, or even packaging manufacturers. Not just diversify by the business fields, you can also diversify by loan tiers, which will affect how big return you received.

This diversification can be done very easily in CROWDO. Of course, you can do it manually by checking any new loans available. But of course, it can interfere with your daily activities and feels inefficient.

Answering these needs, CROWDO provides Auto Invest feature that allows you to diversify automatically when new loans are available according to your settings.

Through Auto Invest, you can choose the loan you want to fund based on loan tiers you like, from C to A+, with 13-26% effective per year returns. Despite on platform you can set tier D and E, CROWDO does not have this loan tier as a proof of commitment to providing the best investment options as well as investor protection.

Determination of the number of yields obtained is certainly proportional to the existing risk profile. To provide a tier for each loan, CROWDO performs strict due diligence including using self-developed Artificial intelligent / machine learning (Crowdo ACE).

So, what are you waiting for, enable your Auto Invest feature now, and #MakeLifeEasy.