Matheus SN Siagian: Transparency and Excellent Service Make Me Believe to Invest in CROWDO #MakeLifeEasy

Being an entrepreneur who has been an expert in tourism field (more than 10 years experiences) make Matheus SN Siagian accustomed to investment field. As a graduated from Business and Hotel Management School (BHMS) Switzerland and Zurich Graduate School of Business Administration (GSBA), to choose an online investment platform must be careful.

He knows about online investment since 2016. Then, he seeks more information in social media, and keep updated about it. After he knows deep more, he decided to join various P2P Lending platforms, one of them is CROWDO.

Based on Matheus experience, there are some factors that must be considered when choosing an investment platform such as data security, accuracy of the calculation, return certainty, legal guarantees, investor services, and benefits. This excellent service certainly makes investments invest to grow as expected with measured risks.

Moreover, Matheus asserted platform based on technology should be able to contribute for increasing the performance of P2P platform. How the platform can keep update, fast delivered is important that can not be ignored, especially in online investment. Transparency is a unique point from CROWDO.

"CROWDO is my favorite platform. For me, return certainty, warranty, investor relations, and notification or newsletter update, makes me satisfied to invest here. Although, surely there is still improvement in another part. But I appreciate their data report. It's detailed and keep updated. This is a great record for their professionalism service. It makes my life easy", said Matheus.

As PT Natura Eco Wisata Director, he said the P2P Lending give a new chance, not only for investors but also for SMEs. Moreover, nowadays P2P Lending platform has also been supported by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). So that as a lender, he feel secure to investing.

"I remind how I started my business in early 2000s. When businessmen want to get a loan, the process is not as easy as nowadays. As an investor in CROWDO I feel good. It because, I'm not only get the profit 'well' but also help other business to grow faster than before. Surely, I can contribute for our country development too", said Matheus.

Investor Profile

Matheus SN Siagian, one of active investor who joined CROWDO since 2017. Personally, Matheus is the Director on some companies, PT Natura Eco Wisata: One Tree Hill Tree, Dorme Tree, Tree Kitchen, Dormy Tree, One Tree Hill, and King Castle.

CROWDO: As one of the Peer to Peer lending platforms in Indonesia, CROWDO funded over 4,000 projects and it has more than 38,000 members worldwide. CROWDO Indonesia also certified ISO 27001: 2013 for information security management system.