5 Reasons Why You Should Choose P2P Lending as Your Investment Platform #MakeLifeEasy

In a digital era, it's no longer era that you let your money just stay in the bank account. We must make a financial plan and make the money work for us in terms of generating income. Investment is an answer to your need and nowadays you can choose an alternative investment product, Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending.

P2P Lending is one of the most prominent investments that bring a variety of benefits. Through P2P Lending, lenders and borrowers can meet ‘directly’. So, what makes peer to peer lending better than any other type of investments? Here are 5 reasons why you should choose P2P Lending as your investment platform:

1. You can start with a small budget

In other types of investments, we usually must start with a large amount of money and "know well" about investment product. But, in P2P Lending, you can start with a small budget. In CROWDO, you can be investing start from two million rupiahs and the next investing at least one million rupiahs ongoing loan.

2. Attractive return

Currently, trading is a well-known investment product with high-return. However, become an investor in trading investment that you must have a good awareness of stock trading. If we make a bad decision, all our investment will loss.

Whereas P2P lending platform not only provides attractive return but also everyone can participate with measurable risks including people who have limited knowledge about investment. CROWDO has an effective interest rate yield of 21% per annum. For risk tiers, CROWDO has a strict system supported by Artificial intelligent/Machine learning called CROWDO Ace.

3. Invest and empowerment

In P2P Lending you will contribute to a real impact on the economy. It because at CROWDO, Your funding will spread to SMEs in Indonesia such as project funding and invoice loan. This loan is just for productive SMEs, So, risk tiers can be minimized.

4. Investing: whenever-wherever you are

In this digital era, efficiency is an important thing. Everything moves dynamically. The company must follow this changes since it is a vital requirement. Nowadays, we already have CROWDO Connect to make your life easy.

5. Auto-Invest Feature

The last but not the least, how your investment can work for you. Although mobile apps are helpful in the permissions, would be much more convenient if the system can run on its own. At CROWDO, we have auto-invest feature that allows you to run your investments in existing loans accordance your preference. You can also determine the amount of investment to various type on the loan that you want to bid automatically. Investing at CROWDO, #MakeLifeEasy.