Crowdo in Japan, Creating an Asia Pacific Fintech Bridge

Crowdo’s Regional Vision

Crowdo’ s Co-Founder and CEO, Leo Shimada, was recently in Japan sharing his vision how fintech platforms like Crowdo could efficiently connect investors from advanced markets with businesses in emerging markets and create a cycle of ‘win-win’ reciprocal economic exchange across the region.


Fintech Startup Crowdo Addresses Policy

Leo shared this vision as part of his presentation at the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting in Tokyo. ABAC is the sole official advisory entity of the private sector for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, a regional economic forum of 21 member countries. Its mission is to create a mechanism for APEC Economic Leaders and policy makers to receive advise from the public sector. Leo and the CEO of Omise were selected to represent the Asia Pacific fintech community and present at the ABAC gathering.


500 Billion Dollar Financing Gap

Citing figures published by the International Finance Corporates (IFC) statistics, Crowdo shared how the financing gap faced by the over 70mn business establishments in ASEAN is close to 500 billion USD per annum. He said, “In Asia Pacific there is a significant economic imbalance. While micro small medium size enterprises make significant contribution to employment and GDP, they are unable to access financing from conventional channels. As a result, many businesses risk becoming exposed to predatory financing.”


Cross Border Reciprocal Economic Exchange

“On the other hand, you have significant investment capital sitting idle in advanced economies like Japan. These funds are often channeled to risky and fraudulent avenues in search of higher yield. By connecting these investors with SMEs seeking financing, creates massive impact. For investors, they are able to diversify their investment portfolio with opportunities with real underlying businesses and gaining yield. Businesses are able to access cross border sources of funds which make up for any financing gap locally.”

Crowdo’s Role as a Regional Connector

Leo shared how Crowdo was unique positioned to play a connector role between the various markets in Asia leveraging on Crowdo’s two unique strengths: Crowdo ACE – Crowdo’s proprietary due diligence which employs the latest artificial intelligence technology used to assess a Borrower’s risk. The outcome of these analysis are shared with all investors to increase transparency so that Investors can better understand the risks associated with the investment; and separately their strong international investment community and infrastructure supported by their state-of-the art regulatory grade transaction platform.


In Summary

In wrap up, Crowdo closed its presentation by saying, “Peer to business lending is no longer just hype or a domestic story. Its real potential and impact is one that lies in creating a borderless ecosystem connecting communities across Asia. Crowdo is a pioneering this vision and welcomes the alignment in views by ABAC and is looking forward to new policies which will help shape this new future.”