3 Tech Listing from South East Asia on ASX

There are lots of hype around technology companies listing on ASX. Some investors may question the quality of these companies in compared with those that list on Nasdaq. Below, we highlighted 3 technology stocks from South East Asia that shows investment viable stocks on ASX.

iCar Asia

• Listing Year: 2012

• Listing Price: AUD 0.20

• Last Done (As at 29th January 2018, 3pm): AUD 0.26

The Malaysia company an operator of regional automotive marketplace in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Listed on ASX in 2012, it is currently trading at AUD 0.26.

It operates the following sites:

• Indonesia – Mobil123

• Thailand – One2Car

• Malaysia – Carlist

• Malaysia – LiveLifeDrive


• Listing Year: 2017

• Listing Price: AUD 0.50

• Last Done (As at 29th January 2018, 3pm): AUD 0.46

This China education technology (Edtech) company is co-founded by a Chinese and a Singaporean. Edtech has been gaining interest in the global market and Retech stock prices have been holding up despite trading at slightly below listing price.

iProperty Group

• Listing Year: 2007

• Listing Price: AUD 0.25

• Last Done (Acquired and delisted on 2015): AUD 4.00

Started off in Malaysia, iProperty is an online property marketplace that now operates in 9 countries. It became the signature company from ASEAN that went to list of ASX. 8 years after going public, iProperty was bought out by a larger online property marketplace that was listed on ASX.

This became the crown jewel for the region’s technology stock that went public in Australia.