3 Reasons to use P2B for Diversification

Source: Capgemini, 2017 Global HNW Insights Survey

According to the 2017 Global High Net Worth Insights Survey from Capgemini, high net worth individual across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific has placed an approximate 10 percent of their wealth in alternative investment.

We have prepared the top three reasons for you on why you should invest in P2B lending.

High Interest Rate

Singapore Average Overnight Interest Rate

Source: Trading Economics, Singapore Overnight Interest Rate

With the prolonged low interest rate environment, investors have been scouring around to find investment products that provide decent yield. Compared to the Singapore Overnight Interest Rate of below 1% per annum, the interest rate from P2B lending is definitely attractive.

At Crowdo, we are able to provide investors an average effective annual interest rate of 21%. This is over 21 times the interest that investors will get with their money in the bank.

Short Tenure

Unlike conventional investments which may take years to capture your returns, the tenure of P2B lending at Crowdo are between 1 month to 12 months. Prior to investing, the interest rate and tenure will be made known to you.

To sweeten the deal, most P2B loans on the Crowdo platform are paid out on an equal sum on a monthly basis.

Maximise Your Diversification Effect

You may invest in P2B loans from as low as $100. With the low minimum, you will be able to maximise your efficiency and effect of the diversification. Licenced to operate in P2B lending in both Singapore and Indonesia, it will offer investors geographical diversification as well.