Crowdonomic speaking at the Malaysian Institute of Accountants crowdfunding seminar

Appearing in our 3rd event for January 2015, Crowdonomic was invited by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants as one of the speakers for the inaugural “Crowdfunding Seminar 2015” with the side theme of “Alternative Financing for SMEs”.

Held at the SME Corporation function hall, Dewan Mahkota, it was attended by about 30 accounting professionals and business owners who were keen to understand how they can be part of the Finance 2.0 landscape in Malaysia.

One of the questions from the floor was how companies like Crowdonomic are making sure that crowdfunding will take off with a momentum of it’s own in Malaysia. We found it quite pertinent to our on-going efforts to participate in knowledge events for entrepreneurs and investors, to continuously raise the awareness and understanding of equity crowdfunding in Malaysia.

It also reflects our confidence in the Securities Commission stewardship of the proposed regulatory framework. During the Securities Commission Synergy and Crowdfunding Forum (SCxSC) in September 2014, the Chairman of the SC, Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh, said in his opening speech that: “Tomorrow’s technology must make it easier, particularly for small and privately held businesses, to raise capital and connect to their investors and customers. For both sophisticated and retail investors, technology must play its role in providing alternative market-based platforms to lower the barriers-to-entry and create opportunities for new and exciting ventures and investments.”

Are you just as excited as we are about how the regulations will change financing and investing forever in Malaysia? Stay peeled to this blog as we keep you posted on more speaking events and appearances!