Crowdonomic Forms an Alliance with Indosat to Take on Indonesia

Building up on a successful cooperation with Starhub in Singapore and responding to a growing demand from large South-East Asia companies looking to utilize Crowdfunding as an innovative marketing tool to engage customers, encourage innovation and source talent, Crowdonomic launches the Crowdtivate Crowdfunding Platform in Indonesia.

SINGAPORE, 4th February 2015 – Crowdonomic expands crowdfunding activities into Indonesia via a new partnership with Indosat. The Crowdtivate Crowdfunding Platform, licensed to Starhub since over a year, will now become also Indosat’s platform to source innovative ideas from local start-ups.

After witnessing Singaporean start-ups successfully carry out their projects with the help of Starhub’s Crowdtivate platform, Indosat is now embracing the crowdfunding potential, offering Indonesian companies a new opportunity to raise money from local and international supporters, connect with the public and establish their local and international business.

The Crowdtivate Crowdfunding Platform will cover three areas:

Crowdfunding: Creators raise funds in exchange for products and services. The system of funding applied is the ‘pay-as-you-go’ and Creators will receive whatever funds they raise.

Crowd Sourcing: Creators gather help from contributors in the form of skills or resources to help realize their ideas, in exchange for a reward.

Crowd Voting: Creators get validation from the crowd about their product or idea by receiving the ’up-vote’ or feedback. There are no rewards or funds that are exchanged in this type of campaign, but it is an efficient marketing tool to test early stages of a product development.

Besides developing and managing the online platform, Crowdonomic provides guidance and consultation to start-up entrepreneurs about how to create an effective and compelling campaign and increase their chances of success.

Nicola Castelnuovo, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Crowdonomic, commented this new partnership: “We are thrilled to enter in the Indonesian market in collaboration with our new partner Indosat. An increasing number of corporates and large organizations like Indosat are now choosing Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing initiatives to engage their customers and boost their innovation agenda, while supporting their local entrepreneur ecosystem. Crowdonomic is proud to lead the way in Asia with crowdfunding solutions and services tailored to our client specific strategic goals. We are the crowdfunding partner of choice for organization looking to connect to the limitless resources of the crowd.“

Crowdonomic is excited to initiate this new avenue of public engagement, innovating traditional way of funding. Crowdonomic is known for innovating crowdfunding formats as exhibited by Crowdtivate, the world’s first Telecom-backed crowdfunding platform with Starhub, and also world’s first global crowdfunding platform for projects positively impacting the Earth with WWF EarthHour.

For companies looking to build their own crowdfunding / crowdsourcing platform, Crowdonomic offers our expertise in building branded, customized solutions. For additional information visit and

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