Crowdonomic on the Business Times – Equity crowdfunding

Crowdonomic is in the front page of the Business Times today, with our CEO sharing thoughts on Equity Crowdfunding development here in Singapore, in light of the recent developments across the causeway.

Malaysia has made significant policy progress, and has just released a public response paper to the Proposed Regulatory Framework on equity crowdfunding, just following a highly successful equity crowdfunding conference, the SCxSC Synergy and Crowdfunding Forum.

"Last Friday, became one of only two crowdfunding platforms to partner with the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SCM) at the Synergy and Crowdfunding Forum. The first such forum in Asia, it sought to raise public awareness of the potential of ECF, and was attended by some 600 investors and entrepreneurs from around the world."

MAS is monitoring developments in other jurisdictions to craft a regulatory framework. In the meanwhile,

"...homegrown crowdfunding platform – poised to become one of the first to offer ECF in the region– has pledged to be a strategic partner of regulators here to facilitate this alternative source of financing."

We remain optimistic that Singapore will still be a leader in this space once Singapore takes the steps to also regulate this space.

Read the full article here.