What is Crowdtivate?

Crowdtivate is a new platform that we have built for StarHub’s innovation division, or i3, and which we are now co-managing with them.

Corporations around the world are looking for new ways to innovate, and at Crowdonomic, we see a future where crowdfunding emerges as a major way in which corporates can link with promising entrepreneurs, artists, or any external communities that may help their innovation or CSR agenda.

How is it different from other crowdfunding sites?

Essentially, Crowdtivate is an open platform for entrepreneurs and artists to obtain funds from the crowd. But what sets Crowdtivate apart is the support that comes from StarHub i3, for example: mentorship, access to test users, marketing support, startup funding, free software development, invention development and infrastructure support. At the same time, it also acts as an avenue for StarHub to find new and interesting projects and ideas.

Here’s a visual guide for how it works:

Can you submit a campaign now?

Yes! While the site is currently in beta, you can request an invitation code to sign up and create a campaign draft. StarHub i3 will do the initial vetting, and if your campaign is eligible, we’ll get in touch and guide you along the process, making sure that you’re ready to launch your campaign later on. You will see that there are already some campaigns on preview that will go live during the public launch.